Thursday, January 15, 2009

Show and Tell

We always have Show and Tell at our guild meetings and this one was made by a new member, Marcy. Marcy is a new quilter and I just love the way she works (totally different from me). She is very creative and totally does her own thing. I think she started with the basic directions for the prairie braid and then her design just evolved. I have trouble doing that and admire people who can. I am too rigid and/or timid. I would worry, what if I make a mistake? Marcy would just go in a different direction to fix it. I would worry, what if I run out of a certain fabric. Marcy would just substitute another. I would worry, what if I don't like it. Marcy would work on it until she did or finish it and move on.

Our quilt show, coming in March, will have a new category called novice quilter. Anyone who has been quilting for less than three years can enter their quilt. Marcy is entering this one and I'll tell you right now, I'm gonna vote for it.

Until next time...


julieQ said...

I love this too, and admire people who can just do their own thing and love it without needing to be matchy-matchy, just the same as everyone else.

Teresa said...

It is in fact a pretty quilt. Marcy sounds like she would have fit right in with our quilting sister ancestors. So many times I have seen antique quilts, where they quilter ran out of a specific fabric and substituted another.