Friday, January 4, 2008

Bargains, Journals and Mystery

My oldest son and his girlfriend gave me a gift card to Borders
Books for Christmas. So, I got these calendars for half price!

The two wall calendars I have hanging in my office at work.
I figured that I will look at them more there than at home.
The spiral bound weekly calendar I use as a sort of quilt journal.
I write just short notes about what I am working on, what
stage it's in and anything else I think might be of interest to
any of my descendents when I'm gone.

What prompted this is a few years ago my two cousins and
I were cleaning out our Aunt's house because she was
entering a nursing home. We came across all sorts of
wonderful family heirlooms, including a few quilts,
quilt tops, linens, embroidery and lace. Also letters,
journals, and recipes from generations back. It was
so inspiring that I have resolved to ALWAYS label
my quilts. So maybe someday my great granddaughters
will be interested in my quilt journey too.

Carolina Crossroads Mystery Step 4 is done. I will do Step 5
tomorrow because my bee is coming to my house ALL DAY
for a little mini-retreat. Fun fun fun. I'll take pics and let you
know how much everyone got done.

Until next time...

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