Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mystery Step 5 with pressing tip

It's early Thursday morning and I am eagerly anticipating
Bonnie's next step for her Carolina Crossroads Mystery. I
thought I read somewhere that she isn't posting it until
tomorrow. Can't wait!

Technically this step isn't done yet because I haven't finished
pressing and trimming the dog ears but I wanted to get the
picture taken.

Did anyone else spin their seams when pressing on the back?
This is a great little tip to decrease the bulk at the center.
You just snip a few stitches from the seam to the edge
and the seams all go in the same direction. I don't think
I am going to trim each block (except for the dog ears
which I snip with scissors). They are really pretty close
to 3.5" square.

Last night was our bi-weekly Southern Comforters guild
meeting. We combined with the Eternal Quilters and
Friendship Quilt Guild up the road (just south of Baltimore)
so we had the Eternal Southern Friendship night. A few
of their members came to our meeting and showed some
of their beautiful quilts. A few of us will be going to their
meeting tonight to do the same. We are meeting for
dinner before hand. I am seriously thinking about
joining their guild. I mean these ladies are FUN.

Until next time...


Pepi said...

Hello. I am writing from Spain and am ansious for seeing the final result of your quilt. It will be very nice. I will keep visiting your blog.

Katie said...

I had to trim a few of mine. My sewing machine decided she didn't like triangles...sigh. But we worked it out. :-)