Monday, January 28, 2008

First retreat brown-bag gift

This is hanging in my sewing room and I get to enjoy it everyday.

I won it in 2000 at my very first quilt retreat.
We do a brown-bag gift exchange and I'm sure most of you
are familiar with the rules. We draw numbers and go in order.
The person who draws number 1 has to choose a bag and
open it. The person who draws number 2 can either choose
a bag or steal the gift from number 1. There are only two
steals allowed for each number. It goes on until there are
no more numbers left and then..... because number 1 didn't
have a chance to steal since they went first, they get to
steal anything at the very end. This means that number
one has her pick of all the wonderful (and not so wonderful)

Well I got number one on my very first retreat.
And speaking of retreat---18 more days!

My friend Terri made this and I think it came from a
Debbie Mumm book.

I am very emphatic about keeping my blog about quilting
but I just have to comment on something. I have five
stitches in my upper lip (Nothing wrong, purely cosmetic).
It is healing nicely and doesn't even hurt EXCEPT when I smile.
I was wheeling around the grocery store and I know
everyone thought I was mad. Do you all realize how
much you smile???!!! I get the stitches out on Wednesday
and the first thing I am going to do is SMILE!!!

Until next time...

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