Monday, January 7, 2008

Quilt Rescue

On Saturday, my bee had a mini-retreat at my house. Six women
showed up at 9 am and we sewed until 10 pm. (We did have a small 
break to go to California Tortilla for dinner) There was a small scare 
because my son called in the morning and thought he could watch 
the Redskins game at our house on our new TV. "Sorry son, the 
TV is blocked by Mrs Brown and her sewing machine." (The Skins 
lost anyway--what a shock!)

Everyone got alot done (I was so focused I didn't take any pics).
I had two main objectives and finished them both. The first was to get 
my Step 5 hour-glass block cut out for Bonnie's mystery. Then I really 
wanted to finish quilting this poor quilt for my friend Mary. Now when 
I say "poor quilt" I don't mean it isn't beautiful (see for yourself-above). 
I mean this poor quilt has been through alot. Mary made it a few years 
ago in a Celtic class we both took by Peg Bingham (see Sept 17 post)
We had a friend that had just gotten a long arm and Mary commissioned 
her to quilt it. Well folks I am sad to say the quilting was TERRIBLE. 
I could go into details but all of Mary's friends are trying to put it 
behind us. Let's just say that I couldn't think of a single thing nice 
to say about ANY aspect of the quilting. Not one thing!

And she even had to pay $240! This was a friend of ours, so returning
it or asking for a refund was kind of out of the question. So Mary, 
being the sweet person she is, just put the quilt away, got it out every 
so often and the disappointment returned every time she thought about it.
Our bee members brainstormed over the years about how to fix it. 
After many ideas Mary decided that she loved the quilt so much that
she took ALL the quilting out. It took her months. I volunteered to 
quilt it for her. (I just quilt on my Bernina 153 made easier with my 
wonderful Horn cabinet) Well, if I do say, it looks GREAT! 
Probably because it looked so terrible before. Mary is thrilled and she 
asked me how much I was going to charge her. "Are you kidding," 
I said. "I consider this a quilt rescue!"

Until next time...


Linda said...

Sounds like a fun day, and how sweet of you to resuce your friends quilt.

Floss said...

The quilt looks great, well worth rescuing. Sound like a fun day.