Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mixed feelings

The holidays are over and while I love the anticipation and
busyness leading up to Christmas, I also love the calmness
and anticipation of new beginnings. Yes, I have resolved to
lose weight and exercise more. Actually my resolution is
just to be more healthy. I am at an age where health is
more important than looking or being a size 6. (I would take
a size 12 at this point!!!) I want to be a feisty, energetic
old lady. I figure if I start now I will make it.

I have been accumulating alot of photos over the last two
weeks since I posted here. (Sorry, I just couldn't bring
myself to turn on my computer over the holidays).

I will start with the gifts I received from my bee ladies.
We give each other gifts with a $3 limit. Some go over but most don't.
You do have to get creative to stay under the limit. This is a tea
towel that Mary embroidered. Too cute!

This is the most adorable little wallet. It has two pockets and a
zipper section for change. Loretto made this on her embroidery
machine too.

Flo made two potholders with great fabrics. My bee friends
collect sewing/quilting theme fabrics. Everytime we
see a new sewing/quilting theme fabric, we all buy enough
to give each other a FQ. Needless to say we have lots of
sewing/quilting theme fabrics. I have an idea of what to do
with mine but it is NOT high on my to-do list.

Tomorrow I'll show you pics of what my husband bought
me for Christmas. (Quilt related, of course!)

Until next time...

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JudyL said...

Good luck to you! I'd be pretty happy with a size 12 too!