Thursday, January 3, 2008

My sweet husband

Thinking up titles to each of my blog posts is sometimes very
difficult. I hope one comes to me before I finish today!!

OK so here's what my sweet hubby got me for Christmas.
(Well, just the quilt related things.)

Each year my LQS, Tomorrow's Treasures, in Crofton, MD
hosts a men's shopping day in early December. They give
the quilters a wish list to fill out but my husband,
THE SHOPPER, (no kidding) loves to pick things out for
himself without any hints from me. I just gave him a few
very broad ideas, like "batiks" or "beiges".

So here are the FQs. I don't know what gave him the idea of
the purples. I am not a purple person and only use it as an
accent color, maybe. But he liked them and that is nice.
Don't worry though, I WILL use them somewhere, somehow,
sometime. The batiks will be used in a New York Beauty
pattern I found on the Quilters Corner Club Yahoo group .
(More about that one another day)

He also bought me a new foot for my Bernina. It is #57, the
quarter inch with a guide. I love it. I think it probably isn't as
scant as when I use the regular #37 quarter inch foot but it
definitely keeps the beginning and end of the seams straight.
I used it to finish step four of Bonnie's Mystery and so far there
isn't any difference in the sizes of the blocks.

Now, Tomorrow's Treasures is a Viking dealer and I have a
Bernina so he had to go to another shop for this foot.
He actually went to three quilt shops total, because my
Bernina dealer, The Fabric Chest in Glen Burnie, MD
didn't have any. He ended up getting it at Cottonseed Glory
in Annapolis.

He did give me a $50 gift certificate to Tomorrow's Treasures
which I promptly spent on Saturday at their sale day. I got a
large batting for my bee mystery (see Oct 24 post) and
splurged on a Moda Jelly Roll and I really needed a few
more FQs.

I feel so lucky to have a great husband who supports my habit
and is comfortable going into quilt shops and quilt shows too.
(I just thought of the title for this post!)

Until next time...


Linda said...

He's definately a keeper, there aren't too many men who would happily step into a quilt stoe without their wife with them. Perhaps the purple could be used in a quilt for him as an accent colour.

Floss said...

I love the purple fabrics, but I'm a purple girl. It’s so nice to get quilting stuff from DH, I like that he picked it out too.